Artist’s Statement


 Artist’s Statement :

My artwork deals with figures in environments. Relationships between man made structures, objects, animals, and nature are used to create a visual narrative. The idea of the progression of time influences me. Psychological tension is an important factor in my painting and drawing that helps engage the viewer. I feel that art should posses’ skill as well as a reason behind it.

The subject matter in my art is reactionary to my concerns with the world and things going on around me. Popular culture and film influence my painting and drawing as well. The viewer should question what is going on in my artwork. By creating in a Surrealist fashion my pieces can change and layer. There is a certain Autonomy that occurs in my process. My paintings and drawings tend to be large scale allowing me to create environments. By viewing my work collectively, a greater narrative arises. As a practicing artist the baroque and Mannererists artists influence my work.


Teaching Philosophy

Through teaching drawing, and painting I hope to create a foundation in the fundamentals of design.  This creates a base for students to explore serious issues of content as well as their artistic direction. Instilling an appreciation for art and the importance of art in society is one of my major goals.

 By sharing a basic knowledge of the principles of drawing and painting I hope to prepare my students to make educated decisions. Knowing the building blocks of drawing and painting allows the students to express themselves to the best of their ability. By teaching a framework of art terminology it will give students the ability to have a discourse on art in an educated manner.  I try to create a class dynamic where students watch and critique one another so they can grow through each other’s successes and failures.  I also encourage students to explore what contemporary artists they align with, and why.

Keith L. Williams
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Selected Exhibitions:


  • MFA Thesis Show, Satellite Space, San Antonio, TX. (May 2006)



  • We’ve Come Along Way, Axtryx Gallery, San Antonio, TX.
  • Open Studios, Fine Arts Building, University of Texas at San Antonio
  • Face First, Satellite Space, San Antonio, TX
  • Resolutions, UTSA Art Gallery, San Antonio, TX. Juror Bill Fitzgibbons


  • Revolutions, 357 Bluestar Art Complex, San Antonio, TX
  • Think Ink, South West School of Arts and Crafts, San Antonio, TX
  • 20th annual Student Exhibition UTSA Art Gallery, San Antonio, TX, Juror Melissa Miller.
  • Opus, Satellite Space, San Antonio, TX
  • Fire in the Belly, Blue Star Contemporary Art Center: San Antonio, TX
  • Curated by Frances Colpitt


  • BFA Show, Pollock Gallery, Dallas, TX.


  • For the Love of Me Gallery, Lamar St. Art lofts, Dallas, TX.
  • 17 Days of Dialogue, QED Gallery, Oak Cliff, Dallas, TX.


  • Shindig Art Gallery, Deep Ellum, Dallas, TX.
  • Benefactor’s Reception for: Dallas County Community College, the Solomon House, Dallas, TX.


  • Production Company, The White Swan building in the West End, Dallas, TX.


  • Opening Reception, 3200 Commerce Street Lofts Showroom, Dallas, TX.


  • Erotic Art Show, Justine Milam Art Gallery, Dallas, TX.


  • H-Street Gallery, Dallas, TX.


  • The Texas Visual Artist Association, The Trammel Crow Building Dallas TX.
  • Accomplished Artists under 25, The Bath House Cultural Center, Dallas, TX.